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You Put in a Femoral Tlc, You Dirty Dog Didn’t You!


Every critical care physician scoffs at the idea of placing a femoral central line, but are they correct? Do femoral central lines actually cause more infections than other sites?

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I Can’t Turn Left…


A 40 yo M hx of HTN, HLD, DM, PVD, who can’t turn left, is not Derek Zoolander, he’s a man having a stroke!  KNOW YOUR STROKE SYNDROMES!!! As we know, this is a favorite topic of the boards, and will time and again be asked on each board/in-service exam. So lets review some basic stroke territories…

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Dislocated Jaw? Bite Down on This Syringe!

by @JoePinero

The next time you have a patient with a dislocated jaw, hand them a 5cc or 10 cc syringe and tell them to stop, drop, bite and roll!

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I’ve Got the Black Lung Fluke

Post by @JoePinero

25 yo M no phx, from Ecuador, in US for 6 months, CC 1 month of cough w/speckled hemoptysis, +intermittent subjective fevers responsive to tylenol/motrin. +Wt loss of 7-10 lb’s in past month. In Ecuador worked as fisherman in a small village.

Vitals: 99.9 (oral) 113  130/80  98%RA
Gen: Well-appearing, thin male, coughing frequently
Resp: mild crackles LLL, no resp distress
Abd: Soft, non-tender, non-distended
Ext: No periph edema
Skin: No rash

CBC: 10 > 14/40 < 220   seg 80%  eos 8.3

Chest XR Cxr

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Statistics is Boring, Necessary, and We’re All Terrible at It!

A recent study published in JAMA,  ”Medicine’s Uncomfortable Relationship With Math: Calculating Positive Predictive Value,” highlighted a massive hole in our education. Out of 24 attendings, 26 residents, and a handful of medical students, < 25% of participants was able to correctly calculate the positive predictive value (PPV) of a test. Thus I thought it was time to give a brief review of this topic…. Stats 101 here we go….

Test Result     Disease +     Disease -

Positive           True + (a)      False + (b)

Negative         False – (c)      True – (d)

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Chris Hansen