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Blood Can Be Very Bad- Systematic Approach to Brain Ct

Post by @FTeranmd

Ct for Sinai Em Pearl

Using a systematic approach when reading a brain CT will make you a better doctor

Because you only see what you’re looking for. Don’t believe?

watch: http://goo.gl/6sIZ9x

A simplified and systematic approach to the evaluation of non-contrast brain CT for the Emergency Physycian

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Persistent Cough and Ptosis

Post by @Fteranmd

55 yo M active smoker presents to the ED complaining of months of persistent cough, associated with difficulty reading due to inability to fully open his left eye.


Physical exam is remarkable for findings shown in the picture above. Patient is otherwise well-appearing and has normal vitals.

A chest x-ray is obtained as part of the initial work up, and diagnosis is made.

What is the diagnosis?

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Intra-arrest Goal-directed Monitoring in 2014

Post by @Fteranmd

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.22.41 Pm

Thinking outside ACLS: Summary slide for conference lecture -Pathophysiology of Cardiac Arrest-


55 F W/ Headache, Aphasia and Low-grade Fever

Post by @FTeranmd

55 yo F with PMHx of asthma who presented to the ED complaining of headache, low grade fever and word-finding difficulty. On further interrogation, patient endorsed having eaten Brie cheese recently. Her medications included albuterol and inhaled fluticasone.

In the ED patient was uncomfortable-appearing, with VS: T 101, HR 105, BP 130/70, RR 16 Sat O2 97% RA.

Physical exam was remarkable for low-grade fever, expressive aphasia and no meningeal signs.

ED team was concerned for possible CNS infection. CT non contrast was done given focal symptoms but no abnormalities were identified.

Blood work was remarkable for leukocytosis with bandemia. Patient was given empiric antibiotics and LP was performed.

Would you perform any additional imaging on this patient?

What specific infection would you suspect?

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What Do You Mean You Don’t Have Your Icd Card?!

Post by @FTeranmd

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.48.45 Pm

Image from Jacob et al. Heart Rhythm. 2011 Jun;8(6):915-22

We’ve all had a patient who shows up at the ED with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) that may be malfunctioning.  The patient didn’t bring the manufacturer ID card and isn’t sure about the make or model. So there you are, looking at the CXR, trying to identify the type — or at least the manufacturer. Is there anything we can actually look for to reliably identify these devices?

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