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Management of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Associated with Thrombolysis

One of your patients arrived with stroke and was treated with tPA.  On reevaluation the patient reports a new severe headache and then becomes lethargic.  What should you do?

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Pharmacological Treatment of Achalasia

Your patient is 54 years old, otherwise healthy, and presents with symptoms of achalasia.  He has a follow a up appointment with a gastroenterologist in one week but is having severe pain and regurgitation with meals and is not able to move up his appointment.  What can you do?

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other?

Your patient is a 50 year old male who presents with head trauma.  He takes aspirin daily.  Neuroimaging demonstrates subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhage.  You plan to treat with DDAVP and platelet transfusion.    When ordering the platelets you note that, whereas you are used to ordering a platelet “six pack,” the default order is for one unit of single donor platelets (SDP).  What’s the difference?  Are there advantages to SDP, or is it a case of six of one half dozen of the other?

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Procedural Sedation: Propofol or Ketofol?





It’s Caturday night and you have a young, healthy male in your ED who dislocates his shoulder for the first time just 30 minutes prior to arrival. He seems like the purrfect candidate to perform a reduction without sedation, and you are paws-itive you can get the joint back in its place. You give some morphine and go for it right meow. Unfortunately, no luck. He states there is too much pain. Ultrasound guru Phil Andrus is your attending so you inject lidocaine into his shoulder joint via an ultrasound-guided spinal needle. Still no success. You think to yourself: you have got to be kitten me!

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When Was the Last Time You Cried over a Patient or Experienced a Strong Emotional Reaction? Describe.

“I once lost a 25 year old on a cardiac shift. Later, after the shift ended, I was thinking of his whole life gone and wondering if I could have done more, performed more excellently. I wondered if another resident would have lost him if in my place.”


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Greg Fernandez, MD